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A Discordant Journey: Elixir + Discord

Published 2019 Jan 30, 16:52
A few months ago I decided to embark on some personal programming using Elixir. I loved Erlang when I first played around with it many years ago and have enjoyed Elixir since the initial release (long before it hit 1.0). Around this same time I was setting up to host a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for my friends and wanted some way to record our sessions for personal enjoyment and reminiscing.

Containers are a win: Using Docker and docker-compose

Published 2018 Sep 20, 18:18
This is the second part in a multi-part series about the path to containerized services. You can read the prologue article to get an overview of what the project this series pertains to was trying to accomplish and a high-level overview of how we got to the finish line. This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Docker and docker-compose. Docker good, docker-compose better For small projects where you don’t need a collection of services that speak to each other, Docker is great.

The Path to Containerized Services

Published 2017 Dec 21, 03:35
This is designed to be a multi-part article. This first post, the introduction, talks about what the plan was and how it came to be along with some of the concerns and questions we had prior to starting implementation. The following parts discuss the exact details behind each of the particular goals we were trying to achieve. It began with a con… While I was the Software Architect at Loot Crate there came a task where the company was gearing up for a spin-off of their core product(s), which would later be known as Sports Crate.

Moving To Hugo

Published 2017 Dec 19, 21:23
I’m moving to Hugo as my static site generator. Previously I was trying to make use of Google’s “serverless” architecture to push source content files to Google Storage and then have a few files of JavaScript convert it into an HTML page as well as update some of the “linked” pages, such as the front page and archives, but there are two problems with that: Google Functions is still not production-ready and I can’t get it to work reliably 100% of the time, so it’s costing me more time in fixing failed work triggers than it is saving me from using something like Hugo.