Kolo Rahl's Blog


Published 2017 Nov 28, 16:34

My name is Tyler Eon; my online pseudonym is “Kolo Rahl”. I’ve been doing one form or another of programming since 2003 when I got into modding for the PC game Neverwinter Nights. They used Lua as their scripting engine which I had a blast learning and using, so I just kept going. In 2008 I started my professional career at Sony Online Entertainment. Despite the atrocious pay and ridiculous hours, I attribute SOE - and specifically my teammates - with giving me an outstanding foundation to build my programming knowledge on top of. Without them I’m sure that I wouldn’t be nearly as far ahead in my career as I am right now.

Along the way I had an opportunity to work with a wide variety of colleagues that helped me grow in different ways. Of particular note is my encounter with Erlang and having to learn functional programming for use in a production system. Up until that point all of my purely-functional programming was consolidated to two classes in college. Learning to succeed in a functional programming language, such as Erlang, Haskell, Elm, Elixir, etc, is - in my belief - paramount to being a great software engineer. Knowing both object-oriented programming and functional programming gives you far greater insight on how to solve software programs more efficiently and with greater confidence.

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